Press Release: Brenda Doles, Principal of HCRS, To Attend WPO Conference in Las Vegas - Healthcare Resolution Services

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A headshot of Principal Brenda Doles is in front of several hotels in Las Vegas, and beside the event title, "WPO Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum."

Press Release: Brenda Doles, Principal of HCRS, To Attend WPO Conference in Las Vegas

Brenda Doles, principal of HCRS, is excited to attend the Women Presidents Organization’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum coming up May 10 – 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As noted on their website, this WPO event serves as “the premier gathering of women entrepreneurs who lead multi-million-dollar businesses,” with a focus on how to “build relationships, foster connections, and learn innovative ways to grow and thrive as individuals and leaders.”

As a member for 11 years, Doles is looking forward to the forum. “It’s always a source of inspiration meeting with fellow members and newcomers,” she notes. “Some of the most powerful stories … listening to Viola Davis tell her story, and how she managed to overcome extreme poverty and abuse. Despite these challenges, she never allowed anyone to dim her light, and from my perspective, she is a beacon of light.” When we ask what Doles expects to see this year, she says, “building new relationships, learning innovative ways to grow and thrive as a leader, and exploring what’s shaping tomorrow’s markets.”

Doles adds that she also wouldn’t be surprised if the subjects of cybersecurity and data management both come up during plenty of conversations — and not simply because these are areas where her company excels. “It doesn’t matter what business you run,” Doles says. “In this day and age, you can’t operate without data, and you can’t do well without strong data management. The growing number of digital threats, coupled with increased enforcement for government contractors when it comes to CMMC [the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification], means that everyone needs to be concerned about how they record, organize, share, and protect their mission-critical information.”

Those who are interested in attending the WPO’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum can sign up on their website’s event page.

About WPO

The Women Presidents Organization has long served as a noncompetitive environment for female business professionals from around the world to meet and discuss many of the shared experiences and concerns within their leadership roles. The goal for every meeting is to offer understanding, support, and counsel. With over 2,000 members and 137 chapters in 10 countries, the WPO continues to foster inspiration, growth, and success.

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About HCRS

Healthcare Resolution Services is a data management provider that leads teams of health information management (HIM) and medical professionals for organizations that require stronger analytics and compliance. They have over 25 years of expertise from partnering with contractors at the state, local, and federal levels of government. As a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), HCRS can also assist government contractors with qualifying for NIST SP 800-171 and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.

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