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Health Services Research Support

HCRS is proud to be helping in the search for “what works” in reforming healthcare.

At Healthcare Resolution Services, we provide clinical research support to medical researchers and federal and state agencies. Learn more about what our research support entails.

Data Abstraction

Medical records and other documents are full of valuable data. Going through every record to pull the critical information requires a lot of time and resources, which are often limited assets for busy researchers. Researchers need medical professionals to manually review records to abstract the data a project needs.

At HCRS, we have qualified nurses, coders and statisticians to examine records and documents to find the necessary information. Our team is available to read and pull critical data from dense medical records to get researchers what they need.

Data Analysis

In addition to extracting essential info, our team can help with data analysis in medical research. Once you have your data, especially in large volumes, you have to use careful analysis to make sense of it all. HCRS has qualified experts from diverse backgrounds who can read, interpret and analyze the data you need for your research projects.


Medical research is a tightly defined and designed process, with regulations ensuring the quality and trustworthiness of each project. Institutional review boards (IRBs) must approve project plans before you can get started. Researchers have to follow the clinical design protocol and meet established standards to keep their studies ethical, on time and on budget.

At HCRS, we provide research protocol and project management training for researchers and their teams. Our clinical research support training will help you understand research protocol, meet IRB guidelines and avoid costly mistakes that could derail your project.

Expertise and Experience

Quality assurance is essential when it comes to medical research, as a single protocol error can invalidate your data and force you to toss out your research. At HCRS, we understand the importance of careful preparation and following the proper procedures. Our team has decades of experience when it comes to government requirements and stringent policies concerning medical research.

Our medical research support is thorough and effective. We’ll get you through every step of the research process with exhaustive training and quality assurance so you can be ready for anything.

HCRS has served as a principal investigator on numerous health services research projects, managing and monitoring effective studies within rigorous guidelines. We can help guide your research from start to finish.

Current and Recent Projects Include:

  • IMPAQ International (supporting the Maryland Health Care Commission)
  • Maryland Patient Centered Medical Home Demonstration. We are providing project management and logistical support to a longitudinal evaluation of the effect of the Maryland PCMH initiative on costs, outcomes, practice culture and practice and patient satisfaction.
  • RTI International (supporting the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
  • Medicare Advantage Resource Use Predictive Modeling. We “backward” mapped ICD-10 to ICD-9 codes to allow this model to accept ICD-10 as well as ICD-9 data from Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Text String Coding for the MEPs survey (supporting the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). We turned narrative data into codes for input into this survey, which provides official data on US healthcare expenditures for public policy use.
  • Advanta Healthcare Partners (supporting the Maryland Healthcare Commission)
  • Hospital HAI validation study. We assisted in validating the reports of Healthcare Associated Infections submitted by Maryland Hospitals to MHCC.
  • Truven Analytics (supporting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA): Participated in a comparative study of state All-Payer Claims Databases (APDCs) by surveying states about their experience incorporating Medicare data. Report to the state included detailed state-by-state analysis, lessons learned and “best practices,” and conclusions and considerations for Massachusetts to take into account in integrating the Medicare data.


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