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Do You Need to Hire Medical Coders? Keep These 5 Tips in Mind

Various medical service icons are displayed in front of a nurse reviewing medical codes from a clipboard and verifying payments with a calculator.

You may need to hire medical coders but are unable to find qualified applicants. Because several health systems are facing the same issue, we recommend outsourcing these positions to an agency with experienced, certified coders. We also have five (5) tips we think you should keep in mind when evaluating that agency before a partnership. […]

What Is Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and Why Is It Vital to Your Healthcare Data?

A healthcare provider wearing a lab coat and stethoscope reviews clinical data on a clipboard in her office.

Whether you’ve heard the term or not, clinical documentation improvement has a long history within the healthcare industry. Its purpose is simple: verify that medical records are complete and accurate. Why have an acronym for something that seems so straightforward? Because evidence suggests that healthcare is in need of better data management. Here’s why it’s […]

Four Reasons Why You’ll Always Need Clinical Data Abstraction Services

Three medical professionals review clinical data abstraction on a desktop monitor.

The more patient data that healthcare organizations collect, the greater their need for clinical data abstraction services. If these aren’t a priority for you now, we strongly encourage you to make them one. Here are a few key reasons why these services are so important. Health Apps and Data Privacy App development continues to be […]

Why Is Your Healthcare Data So Important?

Two medical technicians review healthcare data.

Do you know why your organization’s healthcare data is so important? For starters, it can determine public health policy. It’s also a key component for patient relationships and your own operational change. Here’s a further breakdown on why each of these areas rely on accurate, timely data, and how to improve the analysis of yours.  […]

The 2 Types of Data Abstraction You Need

A double-exposed image of an empty EMR form, patient records, and two rows of computer stations.

The continued push for value-based care means that healthcare organizations need to focus on data abstraction. It involves two types: core measures and medical records. Here’s why both of these are necessary, and how HCRS can help. Core Measures Core measures make up national standards of care and treatment. If you want to maintain compliance, […]

Why It May Be Time for Your COVID Data Audit

A healthcare professional wearing scrubs, gloves, and a stethoscope reviews graphs of medical data on paper.

Have you performed a COVID data audit before? We ask because now may be the time to do so. While the requirements for one may vary based on your agency’s specific role in health care, it’s important to note that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is preparing a nationwide audit of […]

Sustainable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Depends on Medical Coding and Audits

RPM concept: a small, red heart is held in one hand, while a glucometer with displayed readings is held in another.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) was already gaining attention before the pandemic, and it’s only become more valuable to patient care since. Developed alongside telehealth, RPM is a powerful remote-based service for early identification of potential health concerns — as long as its data remains properly managed and reviewed. Below, we discuss RPM’s benefits, what challenges […]

Benefits of Medical Coding Audits & Why You Need One

Why Conduct a Medical Coding Audit Benefits of Medical Coding Audits Internal vs. External Coding Audits How Often Should You Have a Medical Coding Audit Conducted What HCRS Can Do For You Accurate medical coding plays an essential role in healthcare information management and overall quality of care. Medical coding audits, both internal and external, […]