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Unlock the Power of Data With D3

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D3 is a solution that utilizes advanced analytics and seamless integration to provide superior case management. Originally developed for healthcare, this service has evolved to benefit other key industries through the transformative power of data-driven decision-making.

Regardless of whether you’re working with customers, clients, or patients, D3 can ensure that their needs are met through professional care and coordination.


Why Choose D3?

Tailored Solutions

All business needs are different. Our team works closely with yours to tailor our services so that your data is organized, secure, and effective.

Expertise and Innovation

With 20+ years of data management and cybersecurity under our belts, we know how to scale and adapt.

Proven Results

Join a growing list of satisfied clients who have seen how case management can benefit their customers and their bottom lines.


Advanced Capabilities

Coding, Auditing, and Data Abstraction

D3’s core capabilities include coding, auditing, and abstraction. These are used to provide unparalleled levels of data integrity and compliance.

Precision Coding

Many industries rely on coding services to ensure the accuracy of their customer records and billing documents. Our team of certified coders will ensure that yours are timely, compliant, and error-free.

Comprehensive Auditing

Every organization must adhere to some form of data compliance. We verify that yours meets the appropriate requirements on how it organizes and secures its data so that you avoid penalties, improve daily operations, and protect your reputation.

Sophisticated Data Abstraction

Making sense of your data can be difficult. Abstraction focuses on identifying key pieces of information in those datasets to help you gain valuable insight and understanding into your customers and their needs.


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