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Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical documentation forms an integral part of every encounter your organization and personnel have with the patients you serve. Through consistent recordkeeping that’s both timely and accurate, the status of patients, the progression of their treatments and other actions taken to enable their recovery can be translated into appropriate medical coding.

Of course, the accuracy of your facility’s medical coding has a significant impact on the tracking of your patient care and the reimbursements you subsequently receive. That’s why successful clinical documentation improvement — or CDI — forms such a crucial intersection of clinical practices, documentation processes and coding procedures.

It’s also why any successful CDI program must include a wide selection of the professionals and technologies involved in the primary and supporting roles associated with patient care. In addition, it has to provide the necessary training to ensure that all components work together in an effective manner that puts both patient treatment and the financial well-being of your organization front and center.



Clinical Documentation Improvement Training

When it comes to proven clinical documentation improvement training, we’re highly skilled at addressing the gamut of training components the members of your staff require to effectively work together as a team. We understand that your personnel need a wide range of technical and soft skills, including analytical abilities, an eye for detail and communication skills. In addition, they should know how to work efficiently with the technology your organization uses to manage electronic health records (EHRs) as well as billing and insurance claims.

Some statistics speak for themselves, which is why it’s important to note that we’ve provided well over 6,000 training hours to our clients. This time has included everything from basic training for evaluation and management — or E&M — coding and audit preparations to more advanced, clinic-specific and physician-focused training for documentation.

Our proprietary Physician-FriendlySM clinical documentation training is:

  • Designed based on behavioral research that takes into account what motivates physicians.
  • Customized to your high-dollar, high-frequency diagnoses and procedures.
  • Workshop-based – physicians learn as they practice
  • Adaptable to work with online training
  • Compatible with all CDI software

We also offer ongoing CDI audit, coder training and assistance to make sure that the query process runs smoothly and that CDI specialists, coders and physicians are communicating and coordinating effectively.


HCRS Delivers Excellence Across All Areas of CDI Training

From fundamental coding and documentation training to specialized physician-friendly and medical auditing training, we provide the instructional expertise and supporting technology that today’s health care organizations need to attain measurable results across all aspects of their clinical documentation improvement initiatives.

At HCRS, we’re dedicated to supporting your organization’s operational and financial well-being. Thanks to our expertise in CDI training, you can count on knowledgeable individuals who are well-equipped to drive excellence in your delivery of patient care. To learn more about our various medical billing and coding training options, contact us today.

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