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Celebrating World Health Day and Healthy People 2030

World Health Day, an annual celebration of progress internationally, took place on April 7th. It gave us a time to reflect on how we can all work to make the world an even healthier and more equitable world. One of the biggest initiatives this year from the World Health Organization is Healthy People 2030. How can you get involved in these exciting global initiatives?

What Is Healthy People 2030?

This framework has been carefully created with international health experts. The COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on how some people have better access to health services, medical care and the environment needed to stay healthy than others. Throughout the globe, there is a tremendous disparity between those who can make ends meet and those who struggle with poor employment opportunities, dirty water and air, gender inequality, little access to safe environments, food insecurity and much more. While this is unfair, that does not mean it is irreversible, and Healthy People 2030 is determined to make that change.

What Will Healthy People 2030 Involve?

  1. Working Together: Communities and individuals who are at a disadvantage will work alongside governments to make lasting, powerful change.
  2. Collecting Better Data: Without quality health data, it’s hard to know what the best path forward will be. By collecting timely and reliable health data, governments will be better able to address disparities and develop solutions that build towards Healthy People 2030.
  3. Tackle Inequalities: The Healthy People 2030 program encourages governments to take a holistic approach to tackle the root causes of inequality and invest more annually into primary care and healthcare.
  4. Think Globally: It’s easy to think about yourself, but the whole world needs help. The program encourages governments to think globally and work together to improve life for all of us.

As you read some of the action steps above, how can your company or business get involved and help play a role in making your community and the entire world a better place? HealthCare Resolution Services is always here to help!

Celebrate World Health Day with Healthcare Resolution Services

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