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Employee Spotlight From Travis Air Force Base

HCRS would like to commend and spotlight two of its employees for receiving exceptional performance reviews by one of our partners. Steve C. and Mark G. were both recently assigned to manage EBR (evidence-based resources) reporting and death certificate processing at Travis Air Force Base. 

What are EBRs? They serve as reviews of medical intervention evaluations or studies to determine if either were effective at improving health outcomes. In this instance, EBRs were used for process improvement of reporting data for newborn birth and registration.

What is death certificate processing? This involves verifying the accuracy of each death certificate for the purposes of provider accountability, closure for members of the deceased, and guidance on public health policy.

About Steve C.: His “very good, positive attitude” made him indispensable for processing death certificates with local funeral homes and mortuaries, streamlining LOD (Line of Duty) determinations, utilizing EBRs for newborns, managing active duty personnel, and assisting the NCOIC with workflow processes.

About Mark G.: His take-charge performance garnered him the reputation as an “exceptional employee” who “add[ed] a great value to the MTF environment.”

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